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Logo and company sign painting


As part of their work in the construction painting industry, FinDecor’s team had the opportunity to paint several company signs in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and in the regions during summer season. Painting or repainting company signs requires more dexterity and know-how than for simple residential painting. Let’s see together the specifics for this type of commercial painting.

Painting At Heights: Equipment

As the company signs are always high, it’s important to own the appropriate elevation equipment and to be able to operate it in a safe and efficient manner. At FinDecor’s, we work with different motorized vehicles and elevating platforms in order to respond to any situation. You have flowerbeds or trees near your walls? No problem: we go around without harming them.


Painting Logos And Company Signs: Experience And Techniques

Being precise is an important aspect of logo and company sign painting. Indeed, our painters have the necessary dexterity to draw clear straight lines. Our techniques also help us reach the clients’ satisfaction. In some cases, we use stencils or pieces of cardboard to create patterns. But just like a good magician, we won’t reveal all our tricks! You will be surprised by our know-how.

Safety Standards On Painting Sites

On our painting sites, safety is crucial. That is even more true for painting at heights like for logo and company signs painting because there’s always a risk of falling. We must also cut the power when wires are passing too close to your walls. Rest assured that we take all the measures to ensure the safety for our workers, clients and people who could pass nearby.


Besides from paint, you also need us to install a new sign, replace neon lights, or repair a damaged part? Our construction painters have related skills, in carpentry and woodwork among others. And if we do not have the expertise you need, we can probably refer you to the right person.

Warranties On Our Painting Services

At FinDecor’s we offer warranties on our services. These are always indicated in the job contract. Moreover, we have a damage insurance coverage for one million of dollars, which would protect you in the even of an incident… but that never happened!


Are You Looking for Reliable Painters To Paint Or Repaint Your Company Sign?

Unfortunately, our exterior painting season for 2018 is almost over. However, we are available for your questions and free estimates. As our services are very popular, some are already making reservations for spring 2019. We invite you to do the same and share this article. We are always glad to help.

Dave Beaupre

Master painter