How to do the inspection of a painter’s work?

A team of painters must have certain specific characteristics to pass easily a meticulous inspection. Team work, continuous progress, and the presence of a foreman on the painting site are factors that greatly help passing the client’s final inspection. But as a client, how exactly should proceed for doing an efficient inspection? Here are a few tips.

What to inspect?

  1. Examine the color of the new coat of paint. Is it the chosen color?
  2. Look closely at the edging lines, and make sure they are straight enough.
  3. Observe the new paint to make sure the old paint does not come through. If you do see the original color, ask for an additional coat.
  4. Verify that the painters did not forget any spot. A professional painter could have accidentally forgotten some small parts. Our well-meaning team is only human, so it may happen we forget a wardrobe or a small piece of wall. If it’s the case, please advise us before we leave the premises.
  5. Detect the presence of paint dripping. Normally, we should have fixed all dripping. But if we missing a drip, ask the painter to scratch it, sand it, and to add an extra coat over it.

When to inspect?

The choice of color needs to be done at the beginning. If you are not sure, ask for a color test, we will gladly do it for you. But please, we beg you not to wait until the whole building is painted before telling us you find the color is too dark!

It’s also possible to inspect while the work is in progress to watch to evolution of the job. Actually, that is a good idea, as it gives you the occasion to ask about our methods and to point out the details that the painters may not have understood properly. Obviously, it’s better not to wait until the painters are done to express a concern!

When our clients inspect us during the work in progress, they become aware that we go way beyond their expectations, and they are so please with what they see that they don’t feel the need to inspect at the end. We have their blessing.

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Dave Beaupre