How to renovate your house to sell it faster

Belle maison plein pied repeint avec des couleurs sable

Your house is up for sale and you would like to complete the transaction quickly? First, your house must be well maintained.

In fact, not everyone is skilled for renovations. Most buyers prefer a house which won’t need modifications. Moreover, you will get back the money invested in maintenance and renovations when you sell, and sometimes you will even get a profit. On the contrary, if your house is in need of modifications, the potential buyers will most likely try to negotiate to get a better price.

Here are a few tips to help you sell your house faster.

Renovations and maintenance on the outside of the building

First, perform a summary inspection of the sidings: do you observe the presence of mold, rust, or other impurities? In this case, you will need to do a pressure washing of the surface with a specially designed product. Also verify the joints of sealing, the solidity of the structure, and the surface’s condition. Either repair or replace the damaged parts (masonry, aluminum sheets, PVC, etc.). Also restore the dormers, lintels, doors, window frames, paint the garage doors and wash the windows so everything looks nice and clean.

Exterior painting

Repeindre l’extérieur de son bâtiment résidentiel ou commercial avant de le vendre est primordial pour que les visiteurs voient au premier coup d’œil qu’il est bien entretenu. La peinture extérieure doit être résistante aux intempéries.

Don’t forget to repaint the doors, the window frames, curtain wallscornices, dormers and gutters. It would also be important to verify your lintels’ condition in order to ensure there is no corrosion and no danger for the façade to collapse.

Renovations and maintenance inside the building

Make sure all the holes and cracks in the walls and ceilings have been repaired. Don’t forget to seal properly the window and door frames using a flexible and leakproof product that can be painted. Then, sand the surfaces before painting them. The interior surfaces normally don’t need to be washed before they get paint, except for walls showing greasy spots and ceilings that turned yellowish because of cigarette smoke.

Make sure the maintenance has been properly done: replace used light bulbs and clean the windows so the sunrays will enter the rooms more. And most of all, do not try to hide a damaged floor under a rug: this could get back at you!

As for interior decoration, add some green plants to make the rooms cheerful and install paintings on the walls to enhance the space. Take time to clean your home: throw away or put aside objects so the house won’t look so cluttered. It will then look elegant and the rooms will look larger. Prepare cookies and make coffee to give the visitors a nice and welcoming smell.

Interior painting

Amongst all the maintenance and renovation tasks one could perform before putting hisbuilding for sale, interior painting is the one which provides the best return on investment, if it’s done in a professional manner, of course. Thus, hiring a professional paint contractor will allow you to get the perfect edging in less time. Plus, an experienced construction painter knows what paint products to use for any project.

For ceiling painting, always choose a white flat paint. A flat finish helps to hide the surface imperfections. For wall painting, you could choose a glossy or satin finish, depending on the rooms. But you should always opt for neutral light colors so the visitors can easily visualize themselves in your house.


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Dave Beaupre

Paint contractor