Get more clients: give a new look to your store!

Professional commercial painter on a ladder
During the austerity period we are in, several business leaders find it difficult to find new clients. When a company’s sales numbers and down, we often have a tendency to cut down on the marketing budget. However, when in recession, it is crucial that the small and big companies of Montreal get more clients in order to survive. Here are a few ideas to help you get more clients at a low cost.


Invest in your building’s external envelope

By doing the maintenance and necessary reparations on the façade of your commercial building, you will make it more attractive. Thus you will have more chances to increase your number of potential clients.

In fact, a study concluded that over 60% of people who shop in malls or on main streets assert that the exterior look of a store can make influence their decision to enter it or not. The same study reports that 36% of customers state that they are more inclined to remember the name and address of stores which are painted in an original way. (vivid colors, modern design, etc.).

Thus, having a building which is attractive and in good condition is an essential investment for all commercial building owners. Your store or office appearance is an integral part of your branding, and it’s the very first thing your client’s will see. So you have to ensure the look is neat, professional and inviting. To make the clients enter your store, verify the following points:

  • Give a splash of paint

Let’s be honest, old, fade paint is not attractive. If your façade is covered of peeling paint, paint that bubbles or rusty metal, call upon a professional painter without hesitating.

  • Get rid of mold and graffiti

In Montreal, we often see façades made of stucco or PVC which are infested with mold and brick walls covered in graffiti. These coatings can be thoroughly cleaned using a pressure and vapor washing tool that contains a specially conceived cleaning product. An experienced building painter will know which method and product to use, depending on your problem. It’s important to get rid of all mold before painting, if not it will spread through the new paint after only a few months.

  • Check the façades condition

You have a broken dormer, a crooked gutter, a damaged door frame, a swollen wall? Take care of your commercial or industrial building like you would take care of your clients.

  • Be original with the paint color

Choose a color that is original or vibrant to capture the attention of people passing by. A coat of fresh paint is always a good thing to add, no matter what color. But to be noticed, dare use colors that are out of the ordinary!

  • Try dyeing your brick wall

Are your bricks all of the same color? Few people know it, but it’s now possible to dye bricks. In fact, it’s possible to dye any type of masonry. It’s a technique that is less expensive than paint and we use it when we had to repair only part of a wall, so both brick colors can melt into one.

  • Fix your shop sign, lights and neons

Do the maintenance on your building as soon as something needs to be fixed. This advice not only goes for the façade, but also for your shop sign that need to always look great, your lighting system that must be functional, your neon that should be in good condition and your windows that must be clean all the time, obviously!

Of course, more and more consumers purchase online now. However, if your building is attractive and they see it, they will remember your company when In front of your computer.

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Dave Beaupre