Finding a reliable building painter: 3 key elements

You are looking for a reliable professional painter and you don’t know how to distinguish a good painter from an amateur? I agree that when you don’t work in the building painting field, it can be difficult to know wether a painter is reliable or not.Of course, you could ask him for references. But what questions could you ask his previous clients? Here are a few tips that might help.

**The painter’s speed **

First, ask questions about the time it took the painter to accomplish the various tasks. Not only the painting step, but also the preparatory tasks (which can often take up to 25% of the whole project time, depending on the surface initial condition), and for the final cleaning. Ask the previous client to specify the scale of his project, the dimensions of the building to be painted, and compare with your needs to see if the painter that you are thinking about hiring could accomplish this mandate in a reasonable delay. Know that an experienced painter will take 5 times less time than a beginner. Obviously, his hourly rate will be higher, but you will get your money’s worth!

Today, numerous tools are available on the market to help the painters increase their productivity. A professional commercial painter will use those tools, which explains that his work is high quality even when done quickly.

Safety norms

A certified building painter must necessarily know the safety norms in construction, and apply them in his work. Indeed, to have the right to practice this trade in the province of Quebec, one must absolutely have followed the obligatory courses on health and safety at work.

And for painting a building of several stories high, it’s imperative to have successfully completed a heavy equipment and barge operation training course given by a recognized institution. Painters who risk operating a lift or an elevating platform without such courses put in danger their life and the life of the people around them. Moreover, they expose themselves to a big fine.

A certified painter will also know what to do if he does exterior painting near electrical wires, if it’s very windy, or if the equipment encroaches on the public road. He will take the necessary actions to make sure everyone is safe.

Quality of the finish

Finally, a reliable building painter provides a high-quality work. He suggests the best products to his clients, he indicates the best techniques he could use, he mentions the optimal number of coats required, and he wait for the right climatic conditions before painting. The final result will be inspected by both the painter and the client to make sure the expectations were well reached.

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Dave Beaupre