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Exterior painting of a wooden house, Trois-Rivières

FinDecor recently did the painting of the exterior sidings of a wooden house located in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

The project


The house was two-stories high and about a hundred years old. The client needed to have the exterior walls of his house painted in white. They were covered in a cedar siding that had old peeling paint on it. We had a delay of three days to paint it all.

The method

In order to complete such a project, we choose to first strip the surface using a pressure washing tool. This versatile tool helps removing the old paint without damaging the surface, even when the surface is made of wood. The pressure used is less than on the metal surfaces. To learn more about hot water and vapor wasing (pressure washing), we recommend you to read our article Pressure washing before painting: why is it important?

Then, we proceeded to the painting task itself with a few spray paint guns, also called spray guns.

The client’s satisfaction


Not only did we do a great job that reached the client’s expectations, we went beyond by finishing before the time we previously agreed on! Indeed, the climatic conditions were favorable. We had to wait one whole day for the wood to dry thoroughly after the pressure washing, and then, we were able to apply the paint quickly, as it was not very windy.