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Exterior painting: a few tips

Which exterior surfaces can be painted?

Exterior painting includes the painting of different surfaces and different building parts. Indeed, the technological advances of the last years in the painting field gave birth to new efficient tools and products. Here are a few examples of exterior painting:

We can paint all types of surfaces: wood, metal (aluminum, wrought iron, galvanized metal, etc.) masonry (brick, stucco, concrete, aggregate, stones), vinyl (PVC).

What are the steps of exterior painting?

Surface preparation: replacing the metal sheets, repairing the bricks and stucco, restoring the roof, sandblasting, scraping, performing an anticorrosion treatment)

  1. Pressure washing: to maximize the paint’s adherence
  2. Application of paint primer (when needed)
  3. Sanding to give the best look possible
  4. Application of 2 coats of finish (sometimes more, depending on the surface’s condition)
  5. Final inspection done by both the foreman and by the client to ensure quality and the client’s satisfaction

A few tips for exterior painting

Just like a magician, a good painter never reveals all his tricks! But here are a few tips to help you paint better


Dave Beaupre