Dormer painting in Montreal

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Dormer painting in Montreal

In Montreal, there are countless dormers in different shapes and sizes. Our team of building painters had the chance to paint all kinds of dormer windows. Techniques used for dormer restoration and painting vary more or less from one model to another.

What are the different types of dormers found in Montreal?

In the province of Quebec, there are mainly 9 types of dormers :

  • Gabled dormer (also called dog-house dormer)
  • Bonneted dormer
  • Roof vent (also called cat door)
  • Curved dormer
  • Hip roof dormer
  • Wall dormer
  • Arched roof dormer
  • Triangular roof dormer
  • Gable

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How to proceed to restore a dormer?

Dormer restoration, just like cornice and lintel reparation, can be divided into several steps :

  1. Evaluation of the work to be done
  2. Pressure washing
  3. Replacing damaged pieces
  4. Caulking
  5. Applying paint primer
  6. Painting

Charateristics of dormer painting

  • Architectural heritage: antique dormers have a great value. When repairing them, we try to keep the original material, therefore the architectural heritage of your building will be preserved.
  • Elevation equipment: It’s important to get safe elevation equipment before restoring or repairing any element locate more than 2 meters high. This greatly diminishes the risk of falling while it increases productivity. Look for a professional painter who completed the necessary training courses to drive an elevation vehicle or a lift.
  • Electrical wires: If electrical wires are located at a distance of 3 meters or less from the dormer, precautions must be taken to avoid electrocution. To learn more, we invite you to read our article Is it dangerous to paint near an electrical wire?

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Dave Beaupre

House painter and dormer and cornice painting expert