Brick painting and staining: which one is better?


Brick staining and brick painting comparative

During the big exterior painting season, FinDecor offers brick painting and staining services. Big exterior home enhancements often require our intervention, as do brick houses in need of a major makeover.

Our clients often ask us the same questions relative to these two services. This is why we decided to answer the frequently asked questions concerning the painting and staining of brick homes.

Is staining more durable than painting?

Staining and painting of brick walls are both very durable with over 25 years lifetime. However, as the stain penetrates and soaks into the brick, peeling is unlikely. The stain will thus be more resistant to bad weather, sun, and freeze-thaw cycles. These facts cannot be forgotten when we are talking about exterior brick that can be subjected to hard weather.

Is paint less expensive than stain?

Yes! Painting is less expensive, plus it’s a more traditional choice and numerous sheen options are offered for the product. Some exterior paints are high-quality, which makes them almost as expensive as a stain. Costs can be attributed to the size of the project, coats of paint needed and other aspects. When our clients ask for a quote, we make sure to consider all these elements.

Yes! Brick painting is more popular than brick staining, but we think that’s mostly because brick stain is not as well-known. Indeed, people are aware that wood can be stained. However, most of them are often amazed when we tell them brick can also be stained. And they are often impressed by the infinite stain colors available and durability.

Stain advantage: esthetics

As for aesthetics, paint and stain are pretty similar. However, a stain is more delicate and allows us to see part of the brick more clearly, including the texture of the brick and mortar joints. A texture which is better kept also allows the light to be reflected in different ways which can give a nicer effect. Stains are limited to a satin finish, however, so this may influence your choice.

The best products to paint and stain a brick wall

At FinDecor, we prefer the H&C stain from Sherwin-Williams and the mat Ultra Spec 500 and Aura paints from Benjamin Moore for brick surfaces. These products offer us a great variety of paint colors and possibilities for all our painting projects.

Warranties offered on brick painting and staining

We generally offer a written warranty of 20 years on our brick painting and staining services. However, as each substrate is different, we analyze each situation and the length of the warranty could be less than 12 years if you substrate was not in good condition, to begin with.


When done by professionals, brick painting or staining can change your entire exterior curb appeal. Whichever solution you choose, it’s a sure-fire way to rejuvenate the exterior walls of your home.

Call on the professionals at FinDécor today for all your exterior painting needs. In particular, if you want to change the color or give your storefront a makeover. Our master painters can handle your property’s brick stain or paint job with an expert wand in hand. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get a free estimate for your project!