At what temperature can one paint the exterior of a building?

Mother Nature had us wait a while this year, but spring is finally here! And just like each year, I’m asked the same question: when can we paint the outside of a building without worrying about the paint freezing?

Actually, it’s not a matter of when, but of climate conditions.

The temperature

There are on the market paints specially conceived for an outdoor use that can be applied from 4 degrees Celsius and over: otherwise it will freeze and crack. Thus it’s important that the ambient temperature be over 4 degrees Celsius, that is, for at least 5 hours so that the paint has time to dry properly.

The sun

Beware of those sun rays! Obviously, it wouldn’t be a bright idea to paint during a heatwave or when the sun is burning high.

It’s good to know that the maximum exterior temperature to which one can paint without risking to have to start all over again depend on the products. To avoid the paint from making bubbles or peeling quickly, try to paint in the shadows or else start painting in the evening so the paint will have a chance to dry before the sun comes up.

You have to know that metal is a material which keeps its temperature longer than any other one: you need to take this into account when painting this kind of coating. During spring and autumn, metal is often too cold, which impedes to paint to dry and the masking tape to adhere properly. Obviously, during summer under direct sun rays or during a heatwave, the paint could cook or boil on the metal thus crackling or bubbling.

Rain, snow and hail

Obviously, it is highly advisable not to paint if we expect precipitations. Always verify the weather report and make sure your paint has the necessary time to dry before the rain. Also notice the air moisture degree: the more humid, the more time it takes for the paint to dry. This means that even when the rain does not fall directly on the wall to paint, you will need to make sure no one touches it for a few hours longer. The drying time indicated on the paint can label is for normal humidity air.

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Dave Beaupre