Aluminum sidings on houses and commercial buildings

It’s frequent to see aluminum sidings on houses and commercial buildings. Sometimes, the aluminum sheets are so old that a kind of chalk powder leaks due to a faulty electrostatic paint. This phenomenon might be explained by a bad paint batch, or also that the technology of that time was not that advanced yet.

This can be washed, and the chalk that leaked on the brick wall below as well. Once the phenomenon started, it will only continue until the aluminum is completely stripped.

FinDecor has the solution. We must first wash the surface using high pressure and hot water with a degreaser to remove all grease, dust and chalk. Once the wall has been rinsed and dried, (make sure you cover all doors and windows) it is ready to be painted.

The specialists then proceed to the adjustment of their paint spray gun and they set it to have a fine finish. Then they take out their magic product, high quality acrylic paint such as Aura from Benjamin Moore. In a movement as artistic as mechanized, they apply the coating on the surface to obtain a coat from six to ten microns thick that will cover entirely the original surface (their work includes a covering guarantee). The paint dries in about 25 minutes, which signifies that it can rain or freeze after that time without any problem.

In the eventuality that the surface would have been perforated or become bumpy because of a rock or a ladder for example, FinDecor also offers repair services.

There is another advantage to painting aluminum: when the aluminum sheet goes up to doors, windows, or roof flashing, FinDecor automatically paints the joints. Thus the joint lasts longer, which eliminates future water infiltration problems with no extra fees. Moreover, this eliminates the color that is often yellowish or different from the sealant. Plus, the paint line is straighter than the sealant line and this is the kind of details that counts.

Finally, we obtain a result with a life expectancy of over 15 years and a look that is perfectly smooth and as good as a new building.

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Dave Beaupre