Advantages of the spray paint gun

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The spray painting gun offers numerous advantages to building painters. Let us explain you why we like it.

The spray paint gun is versatile

The spray paint gun, commonly called spray gunpaint gun or paint sprayer, is a multi-purpose tool because it can be used to paint any type of surface: brick, wood, metal (iron, aluminum, etc.), stucco, concrete, aggregate. The paint particles that are sprayed with this tool will fill in the surface irregularities and cover up everything: bumps, holes, cracks, fissures, nooks and crannies. This explains why the spray gun is often more practical than the brush or roller.

The spray gun allows a greater productivity

Indeed, the paint gun allows a productivity that is a lot greater than that of the roller and brush. You can easily imagine that the roller is not the ideal tool to paint a corrugated aluminum sheet. Moreover, with the spray painting tool, we don’t need to go get more paint as often as we did with the paint brush, because the paint sprayer is directly connected to a large paint container.

Spray painting gives a nice finish

You won’t ever see brush hairs or roller lint on a wall painted with a spray gun. Moreover, the thickness of the paint coat can be adjusted. Thus, given the climatic conditions and the product used, we will choose the thickness that’s best.

The spray paint gun disadvantages

We often hear about the spray paint gun disadvantages. There are two: it’s pretty expensive, and one could easily cause damages to his or her car or garage if it’s windy and no proper training course was taken. Here is why we always recommend to call upon a professional painter.

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