5 excellent reasons to refresh the paint at the office

Your work offices need to be refreshed, but you hesitate to spend money for your company’s building? Here are five good reasons you should repaint your company’s office.

A maintained work environment has a positive impact on our mood

Indeed, a nice work environment will have a positive impact on the employees’ mood. They will get the feeling that their employer treats them well and they will feel important for him or her. The message you are sending them when you repaint is that their comfort and well-being is important for you. This will allow you to contribute to increasing the employees’ retention. The durability of the surfaces will be increased

By repainting your surfaces, you make sure they stay nice for a long time. Actually, the paint helps waterproof the walls and protect them against moisture and mold. Interior painting jobs often come with a 5-year warranty, but will normally last over 10 years.

Hand pointing down at color sample

Your repainted office will make a good first impression on your clientele

If your clients enter on your business premises, it is essential that they make a good first impression. Paint if among the less expensive decorative elements. It is a small investment that will give you a big advantage, because it’s one of the first things your clients will see when they will come in.

Colors make the walls look younger

Refreshing the walls helps you follow the trends and be seen as a modern company who may be using the most recent technologies.

Bright yellow wall in a modern office with a plant in the foreground

Painters can also make the necessary repairs

The majority of construction painters have been trained to perform building inspections and basic repairs: filling holes and cracks, sealing plaster, replacing moldings, etc. Plus, if they are not able to offer you the repairs you need, they will normally be able to refer you to other professionals. Ask questions!

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Dave Beaupre Master-painter