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Residential painting

Residential exterior painting includes whole houses. More specifically, residential exterior painting includes:

Exterior residential painting

Exterior residential painting includes the painting of the exterior elements of houses, bungalows, multi-residential buildings and garages. Besides the painting of exterior wall coverings which is frequently requested, we also paint lintels, cornices, dormers, shutters, parapets, roofs, door and window frames, etc. Our construction painters generally offer a complete caulking service. The most common services realized for residential homes are spray painting of aluminum wall coverings; in other words, aluminum sidings, but also those in PVC and in wood such as Maibec and Goodfellow or cedar shingles.

Interior residential painting

Interior residential painting service includes the painting of houses and townhouses or row houses, bungalows, condos, condominium corporations, lofts, etc. We are the experts in plastering and gyprock board repair. We are talking about a professional service for the interior residential buildings for the painting of walls, ceilings, moldings, door frames, window frames, banisters, staircases, multi-units residential building corridors, cathedral-style ceilings, etc. Our white glove service is high quality from beginning to end.

Areas Served

Commercial, Industrial and Institutional:

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