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Industrial painting

FinDecor Inc. gathers specialized painters who have been offering industrial painting services for the past 20 years. Our clients’ trust and our company’s growth convinced us to purchase specialized equipment such as spray painting systems, boom lifts and elevating platforms. These tools allow us to perform state-of-the-art paint jobs and we only ask to meet you to tell you more.

Large surfaces painting

Large surfaces are painted using a spray painting gun. This specially conceived tool allows an increased speed by filling in all the nooks and crannies of the surface. Moreover, it allows the adjustment of the thickness of the coat to get a uniform and durable finish.

Commercial building painting

Painting a commercial building requires outstanding dexterity and a know-how because the appearance of such a building must inspire the public’s trust to attract and keep clients. Materials and types of exterior surface are numerous: exterior siding made of metal, brick, PVC or wood, cornice, parapets, company sign, etc. we prefer to use a spray painting gun, when possible, together with 100% acrylic, alkyd or hybrid with urethane paint which all stick like glue so the surface is protected on the long-term. Let’s also note the importance of elevation equipment for exterior commercial painting.

Interior surfaces are the same as for any other type of building, however, painters who work in commercial buildings must adapt their schedule to the opening hours of the company being painted. Ideally, we recommend doing the painting of all the rooms once the clients are gone. If that is impossible, we still must make sure the environment where employees and clients will have access is clean and safe.

Exterior industrial painting

Exterior industrial painting includes the painting of exterior surfaces ofL

As for any exterior painting task, those surfaces are victims of bad weather, humidity, freezing-thawing cycles, and sometimes to alkali or acid substances.

Thus, it’s important to know the products which are effective at protecting and increasing the longevity od those wall coverings. Industrial buildings are often made out of iron or aluminum. We must then master complete anticorrosion treatment techniques, not only the application of rustproof primer, as well as methods to repair or replace broken or dented surfaces.

Let’s not forget that it is important to be equipped with elevation vehicles for exterior painting of large buildings. Please refer to our Painting at heights page to learn more about our safe equipment and safety regulations.

Interior industrial painting

Interior industrial painting includes the painting of:

Metal Painting Service

Metals frequently found on Quebec’s buildings are: iron, steel, galvanized zinc and aluminum. These require a paint that is adapted to each of them and it is essential to match the right products to the right substrates. Moreover, we must consider not only the metal but also the substrate on which the paint will adhere because we often paint a surface with paint from different origins. Let’s see the characteristics for each.

All of these metals can be painted by our team using a spray gun after having been pressure washed.

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