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Commercial painting

At FinDecor, we make your life easier. We know that your company is your livelihood and we make everything we can to avoid disturbing you in your work. If a specific request is outside our expertise, we will tell you right away to make sure we reach success each time we accept a contract. Moreover, we always finish on time and we have a 3 million dollars’ insurance which covers you in case an incident happens, so you can have some peace of mind. Fill in the below form to get a free quote.

We call commercial painting interior and exterior painting services for commercial buildings:

Commercial buildings are very numerous, they are often multi-storey buildings and made of various materials so they ask for specialized equipment and a vast expertise to painters which face the task.

Besides stores, commercial building painting also includes work buildings for professional agencies, banks, lawyer firms, accountant firms, government offices, call centers and much more.

Office building painting

For office building painting, it’s way easier to attack renovation and painting tasks when the premises are empty. However, if it’s not possible to store your furniture and objects before the painting job, our professional painters will protect them by covering them with a clean cloth.

A particularity of office painting is the work schedule. Depending on the company and the type of work to be done, we could offer you to paint exclusively after opening hours so we won’t disturb your personnel. It may also be possible to paint one room at a time (the conference room when not used for example) without disturbing your personnel. Other companies prefer when everything is done in one night or in a long weekend. Each situation is different and as a team of great commercial painters, we know how to adapt.

Institutional painting

Institutional building painting includes all government buildings: SAQ, SAAQ, Immigration Canada, Revenu Québec, libraries, kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, CEGEPs, universities, health clinics and hospitals, to name a few. Painting institutions present particularities and a technical expertise we do not necessarily need for residential or commercial painting.

We name institutional painting the painting of governmental buildings like:

Each institution building has particularities. Painting them requires a lot of knowledge of all kinds of paint products and the know-how of the specific application techniques. For example, schools sometimes require dry erase paint which allows you to create a surface on which you can write with chalk or a dry erase marker. On the photograph below is a school on which we painted the cornice. Learn more about it by reading our article: Painting a school in Outremont.

Hospital and institution painting

Hospital and medical clinic painting is without a doubt the most delicate and that which ask for the most knowledge and skills. Besides the fact that hospital rooms are never completely empty from doctors and patients, we must also put special care to cleanliness and to products used which should be VOC-free to avoid causing or aggravating breathing problems. We need to be particularly careful when children, elders or asthmatic people are present on the premises during the painting job is done. Don’t forget the VOCs continue to evaporate during various months after their application. A building painter must be able to offer solutions that are both durable and eco-friendly, for the well-being of everyone.

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