Painting of a Cornice in Outremont

Exterior Cornice Painting

In May 2015, the team of professional painters painted a cornice in the borough of Outremont of Montreal. It’s in fact the cornice of a future Starbucks coffee shop building. Here is how we did it.

Safety standards

As for any other exterior painting job, certain safety standards must be respected.

  • Occupation permit: as we knew that our machines (trailer, lift, pressure washing machine) were going to take part of the sidewalk and street, we were in the obligation of asking for an occupation permit of the public road.
  • Notify the STM: we needed to inform the STM so that they moved the bus stop for the day.
  • Securing the premises: as the building to paint was located right in front of the Outremont metro station, the traffic was dense, so we had to be extra careful so we wouldn’t disturb the pedestrians and the car drivers. We made sure no paint can would fall on a car, for example.
  • Inspection of the equipment: we did the inspection of our lift before use, as recommended by the CSST. We also wore safety harnesses when at heights.

Exterior Cornices‎ Painters Trois-Rivières QC Painters Painted a Cornice Trois-Rivières QCExterior Cornices‎ Painters Trois-Rivières

Noise by-law

In Outremont, the noise by-law forbids us to make any significant noise before 7:30AM. Thus our team arrived at 6AM, the painters settled their equipment silently, and then they started pressure washing at exactly 7:30AM.

The quickness of our team of painters

The pressure washing of the building tool 3 hours. It was done quickly thanks to our vapor and pressure washing tool. As for the scraping, the application of 2 coats of paint and the sanding, it only took us 5 hours. Our efficiency allowed us to leave the premises before the end of the day rush hour, so we did not disturb the traffic once more.

The client’ satisfaction

At FinDecor, our clients are always satisfied. We offer a good after-sales service which includes extended warranties if needed.

 Have your cornice painted by painters with experience!