OUR GREEN SIDE In OUR GREEN SIDE section, we present you some eco-friendly products and low VOC paints that are as efficient as the traditionnal formulas. We also talk about charities and local businesses who recycle your paint leftovers. Let’s unite for the health of our planet!


On Earth Day think Green!

April 22 : Earth Day Just like each year, FinDecor will take concrete action to take care of the planet Earth on April 22 by donating its paint leftovers to Habitat for Humanity Canada, a charity which builds houses using recycled […]

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: go green!

According to Statistics Canada, construction sector is responsible for 12% of greenhouse gases emissions in the country. As we know, greenhouse gases cause global warming and have disastrous effects for the fauna and the flora, so it is our duty […]

Earth day : a nice gesture for our planet!

Earth Day is the perfect occasion to do a good deed for our planet!   At FinDecor, we take advantage of Earth Day to bring our unused paint cans at the charity Habitat for Humanity Canada. Not only is it respectful […]

VOC-free paints : what are the standards?

VOC-free paints : what are the standards? In 2009, the federal government imposed standards to the paint manufacturers to help reduce our national greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, non-ecological paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) that evaporate, thus increasing the atmospheric […]