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The construction holidays

  Here it is! The construction holidays have started! This year, the construction holidays take place from July 24 to August 6 inclusively. What’s the purpose of construction holidays? The existence of summer vacations for construction (professional painters included), allows […]

On Earth Day think Green!

April 22 : Earth Day Just like each year, FinDecor will take concrete action to take care of the planet Earth on April 22 by donating its paint leftovers to Habitat for Humanity Canada, a charity which builds houses using recycled […]

Grants for old building renovations

Most homeowners don’t know it, but there is a government program for preserving the heritage which allows you to receive a grant for the renovation of your building, if such building has a cultural heritage.   Indeed, the Quebec Cultural […]

Advantages of the spray paint gun

spray paint gun Specialist Montreal The spray painting gun offers numerous advantages to building painters. Let us explain you why we like it. The spray paint gun is versatile The spray paint gun, commonly called spray gun, paint gun or […]

We are hiring!

Our painting company FinDecor is currently looking for building painters who have their CCQ Journeyman Card or Apprentice Card. The candidates must also have a valid driver’s licence so they can work everywhere in Montreal. The qualities required are the […]