METHODOLOGY In our METHODOLOGY section, we explain you the procedures and keep you up-to-date with the standards and laws for commercial painting: RBQ, CCQ, CSST and lots more.


Large surface painting

Large surface painting characteristics Team work Painting large commercial buildings asks for a team of several experienced painters and a very good site management. Clear communication in the team is also a key element for the project to progress well.  […]

Painting of business signs

You want more clients? Doing the maintenance of the exterior sidings of your commercial or industrial building, including the business sign and logo, is an investment you should not neglect. Indeed, to preserve the credibility of your business branding, it’s […]

Qualities of a great house painter

You are looking for a construction painter for your exterior painting project? Finding a good house painter for exterior painting is not an easy task. To help you, here are a few qualities you should first look for before hiring […]

Pressure washing, for a paint that lasts

What is pressure washing? Pressure washing is a technique used to clean in depth the exterior walls of any building, be it residential, commercial, institutional or even industrial. Pressure washing is done on any surface (stucco, brick, concrete, PVC, wood, […]

Aluminum sidings painting

Where can we see aluminum sidings? Aluminum sidings, commonly called aluminum sheets, can be seen on garage doors, exterior walls (warehouses and commercial buildings), roofs, flashings, soffits, pillars, banisters, balconies, stairs, shutters and gutters. We see them everywhere in Montreal. […]

Painting condos and office blocks

When it comes to interior painting, there are a lot of similarities between condo painting and commercial office block painting. As there are numerous office towers and condominium buildings in Montreal, FinDecor’s team of professional painters is often called upon […]