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Painting properly a metal surface Metal pieces can get rusty. This slow oxidation phenomenon touches particularly surfaces exposed outdoors and in contact with air and water, such as doors, fences, stairs, etc. Fortunately, there is a solution to protect these […]

Tips to paint large surfaces

To paint a large surface without leaving a mark, one needs to know a minimum of practical rules. It’s also essential to have adequate equipment. Here are a few tips on how to paint without leaving a demarcation.  1 – […]

Painting at heights — what you need to know

What is painting at heights? We talk about painting at heights when the worksite is located over one story high (approx. 10 feet and up) and requires both elevation equipment and a greater vigilance than usual to avoid accidents. More […]

Large surface painting

Large surface painting characteristics Team work Painting large commercial buildings asks for a team of several experienced painters and a very good site management. Clear communication in the team is also a key element for the project to progress well.  […]

4 valued qualities for a commercial painter

Qualities of a commercial painter Be it for repaints or new constructions, be it for commercial, residential, institutional or industrial buildings, mastering the various paint application techniques is both a science and an art. Being a professional painter first requires […]